Pre-Inked Stamps and Self-Inking Stamps – Do you really Differentiate Them?

Pre-inked and self-inking stamps are different in many ways. But most people, when they need a stamp, they just buy. They don’t know the advantages of using one type of stamps over the other. Through this article, let me use this opportunity to educate you on the difference between the two types. My objective is to help you make a good choice from an informed point of view.

What are pre-inked stamps?

These are stamps with ink impregnated (filled) in the rubber die. To create an impression, you slightly press it. No tussle. Generally, the ink passes through the letters or the design you make on the rubber to create a nice impression. Popular brands of these stamps include Brother Stamps, Xstamper, iStamp and several others.

Self-inking stamps? What are they?

These flip up to hit the ink pad. After picking ink from the pad it flips back down to create an impression on the paper. In other words, they have a mechanism whereby the rubber die retracts up to hit the ink pad every time you use your stamp to create an impression. Brands of these stamps include Ideal, Trodat, Cosco, Ultifast and Shiny.

What is the difference between the two types of stamps?

♦ Mechanism

As already said, pre-inked rubber stamps allow ink to pass through the letters or stamp design to make an impression on a paper with a simple press. On the other hand, self-inking rubber stamps flip up and flip back down to make an impression on a document.

♦ Impression

The pre-inked rubber stamps crisp clear impressions with very clear images. They are the best where you have to integrate logos and/or other graphics in the stamp design. The self-inking rubber stamps, on the other hand, produces good images but not so clear. make stamps online They are not good for detailed logos or graphics.

♦ Ink

Pre-inked stamps use oil-based ink while the self-inking ones use water-based ink. Oil-based ink is more expensive than water-based ink. But it produces very good impressions and dries very fast. In just less than 5 seconds, it’s dry.

♦ Adjustable date

Currently, the pre-inked ones don’t come with a factory-made adjustable date. But the self-inking ones do.

♦ Size

Pre-inked stamps are comparatively smaller than the self-inking ones. If you mind about size and portability, then the pre-inked type is the best for you.

♦ Versatility

The pre-inked stamps are versatile. You can put on them any font style and image. You can even use them to stamp your photo, which is not the case with self-inking stamps. They have limitations in this aspect..

♦ Price

The pre-inked stamps are more expensive than self-inking stamps. Besides, their ink is comparatively costly but lasts longer than water-based ink. However, with self-inking stamps, you replace ink pads when they get old on top of buying ink. Pre-inked stamps don’t have parts to replace.

♦ Longevity

Pre-inked stamps last for more than 50,000 impressions with good ink re-filling. The self-inking stamp type lasts for about 10,000 impressions. Thereafter, it starts developing problems like the die and ink pad getting worn out, requiring replacement. In addition, its mechanism of flipping up and down also stop working normally with time.

♦ Production

Pre-inked stamps have their own machine that produces them. Normally, manufacturers of such stamps make the machines you use to make stamps. For instance, Brother has the StampCreator, which makers of brother stamps use to produce stamps.

As for self-inking stamps, you only have to cut the rubber with the design you want. There are many ways of cutting the rubber. You can do it manually or you can use a stamp machine. The best stamp making machine is the laser engraving system.

How are the two types of stamps similar?

They are both refillable with ink. Both types are not recommended for glossy surfaces because the ink can easily be smeared off. Additionally, they all come in several colors from which you can make your selection. But the commonest colors are red, blue, black, purple and green.


In conclusion, as you plan to buy stamps, consider the above points to make an informed decision. But as a precautionary measure, always buy your stamps from recognized stamp makers to avoid forgery. Your stamp carries the brand image of your business or organization. Recognized stamp makers protect you from forgery and reproducing your stamps. Additionally, they make it with forge-proof features. Buying your stamps from veranda stamp makers has its own problems. Take care!

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